Basic Fire Fighting
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Scope and Objectives :
On meeting the minimum standard of competence in fire prevention and fire fighting, a trainee will be competent to take appropriate measures for the safety of personnel and of the ship and to use fire appliances correctly. The trainee will also have knowledge of fire prevention.
This course aims to provide the training for candidates in Basic Fire fighting in accordance with Section A-VI/1-2 of the STCW 2010 Code
Course Content:
  • Introduction, safety principles.
  • Concept and application of the fire triangle to fire and explosion.
  • Types and courses of ignition.
  • Flammable materials commonly found on board.
  • Need for constant vigilance.
  • Fire hazards.
  • Organization of shipboard fire fighting.
  • Location of fire fighting appliances and emergency escape routes.
  • Fire spread in different parts of ship.
  • Fire and smoke detection measures in ship and automatic alarm systems.
  • Classification of fires and applicable extinguishing agents.
  • Selection of fire fighting appliances and equipment.
  • Precautions for and use of fixed installations.
  • Use of breathing apparatus for fighting fires.
  • Use of breathing apparatus for effecting rescues.
Target Audience:
The Basic Fire Fighting Training programme is designed for personnel who are currently-appointed or candidate that require emergency response in fire fighting and prevention.

Delegate Pre-requisites:
There are no pre-requisites.

Training Durations:
1 days

2 years.