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Charkin Maritime Academy (C.M.A.), Port Harcourt is celebrating her double portion this week: Just at the turn of what was obviously a bad year for many organizations, the Academy received interim accreditation from the NBTE to run National Diploma programmes in Nautical Science and Marine Engineering respectively.
While the celebration was on, the Institution got a letter from NIMASA stating that she has been granted approval to conduct the following COC Preparatory courses, namely;
1) OOW Unlimited Deck
2) OOW NCV Deck, and
3) OOW Unlimited Engine
4) OOW NCV Engine

The question now is, why should anyone enroll in Charkin Maritime Academy to make a career at Sea?
Here are other reasons why you should enroll into the Academy for a career at sea starting with the Diploma programmes as a foundation:
i) Cadets are likely to be picked up by Shipping and allied companies for sponsorship and subsequent employment.
ii) Upon completion of his training, the Cadet will earn a decent salary that is income tax free. In the UK, as in most other Countries, as long as the seafarer is out of the Country for more than 6 months in a year he does not have to pay income tax.
iii) As the Cadet progresses through the ranks, salaries increase at a decent rate.(Typical Deck Officers salary range is given below.
iv) Job security. The World will always need ships, and ships will always need competent officers. There are many companies who are always searching for competent officers,
so changing companies if the Officer is unhappy is relatively simple.
v) Getting paid to travel and see countries you would not normally visit.
vi) Long leave periods between leaving and joining ships. The average leave or holiday time may be up to 15 days in one month,
i.e. one-day-on; one-day-off on ships like tankers.
The officer is free to do whatever he wants whilst on leave and his salaries for the period will be paid in advance.
vii) Onboard the ship the officer has no expenses to pay, food and accommodation are all supplied by the company, so it is a great way to save relatively high salary.

Accordingly, admission processes for both the ND and COC have commenced.
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